Sharon’s first book, State of the Wild 2006: A Global Portrait of Wildlife, Wildlands and Oceans, published by Island Press, examined many of today’s most pressing conservation issues: habitat loss, climate change, the bushmeat trade, wildlife poaching for traditional Asian medicine, the need for marine protected areas, the rise in diseases that jump between animals and humans, and more.

Contributors include eminent wildlife biologists and essayists: George Schaller, Alan Rabinowitz, Tom Lovejoy, Sylvia Earle, Bill McKibben, Callum Roberts, Wallace “J” Nichols and others. See the Island Press catalog description here.

State of the Wild  was named one of

  by Men’s Journal.




“The value of this overstuffed volume (the premier edition of this series) is twofold: One, it provides a no-bullshit roundup and analysis of the year’s major environmental stories--a regular physical for the planet. And two, it gives experts like Carl Safina and essayists like Rick Bass and Ted Kerasote ample room to explain why it all so desperately matters.”

Softcover, ISBN-13: 9781597260008



      Tigers Forever, Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat, a collaboration with 

      National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, melds spectacular images of tigers and their    

      secret behaviors with insights into why one of the world’s most iconic species is careening 

      towards extinction.  Tigers Forever tells their story---and  details bold initiatives to save them.  

      Published by National Geographic Books, distributed by Random House. Hardcover: 224

      pages   ISBN-13: 978-1426212406


With eloquent text and photographs of unsurpassed beauty, Tigers Forever opens the eyes of  the world to what is happening to the tiger, one of its greatest natural treasures.”—GEORGE SCHALLER, field biologist

More than compelling, Tigers Forever is a monumental achievement in prose and images. The book is so riveting—nothing short of a hymn about the most endangered of all the big cats—that no reader could conceive of a world without them.”

—TOM LOVEJOY, conservation biologist

“In Tigers Forever, Steve Winter and Sharon Guynup use vivid descriptions and imagery to retell a tale from deep within the jungle.” —PLOS BLOGS

“Tigers Forever... is a tell-all tale about the tiger's fight for survival.”                           —PRESS TRUST OF INDIA                                                                                                                                                    

”Yes, photographer Steve Winter captures the sheer awe, beauty and power of one of the Earth’s most majestic creatures in “Tigers Forever: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat.” That’s an understatement. But what adds to the book’s obvious visual appeal is how Winter and freelance writer Sharon Guynup...get to the heart of what all great journalism is about: Why it matters.”                                                         TOM HENRY, environment writer, The Toledo Blade                                                                                                                                        

“...provides a brilliant pictorial analysis of the plight of tigers across Asia.”                            —WILD PLANET     



     Read excerpts / reviews and listen to interviews here:


                                                               Interview: Tiger populations are dwindling due to               

                                                               poaching and habitat destruction                                               


                                                                                                                      Radio Interview

                                        Radio Interview

                                            How Do You Save the World’s Most Endangered Cat?


                                       Documenting The Lives Of Tigers

                                                               Shooting Tigers

                                                                      Interview with Sharon Guynup


                                      Steve Winter’s Journey to Tigers Forever


                                            Tiger Hunting - Illegal Worldwide But Still on the Rise    


The Endangered Heart and Soul of the Asian Jungle     


Sharon’s chapter, “Exploring Myanmar’s Forbidden Wilderness” profiles National Geographic photographer Steve Winter’s expedition beyond the last village through Myanmar’s icy northernmost peaks.                        

In They Lived to Tell the Tale, members of the world-famous Explorers Club share their spectacular journeys from the depths of the world's oceans to the canopies of the Amazon rainforest to the dark vastness of outer space and all points in between.  “These adrenalin-filled moments in the lives of the world's most death-defying scientists, researchers, anthropologists, and explorers redefines any preconceived notions we might have about what exploration is. Captured here is the modern adventurer whose aim has shifted from thrill seeking for his or her own sake to protecting national treasures, preserving the planet, and making discoveries that will benefit the whole of humankind.”                                Published in 2007 by Globe Pequot Press.                                                 Softcover,  ISBN-13: 9781592289912



Sharon’s essay, Kaziranga’s Braveheart:

On the Front Line in the Rhino Wars was anthologized in the Natural History of Now:

Reports from the Edge of Nature: "Essays and short stories that engage the full human predicament of our lovely, violated planet - in prose of remarkable edge and grace. This is "nature writing" for a new century, over-turning familiar pieties and finding new ones, telling the truth about our collective misdeeds while celebrating wild resilience - indoors and out, in cities and wilderness, in unforgettable characters and in perspectives that may change the way you look at nature forever."            Published in 2012 by Kelson Books / The University of Montana.

Softcover, ISBN-13: 9780982783818