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Tigers Forever, co-authored with award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, melds images of tigers and their secret behaviors with insights into why one of the world’s most iconic species is careening towards the edge--and describes extraordinary efforts to save them. Published by National Geographic Books.  Order from Amazon here







                                 The Tigers Next Door

                                 How Syrian Zoo Animals Escaped A War-Ravaged City

                                 African great ape bushmeat crisis intensifies

                                 Kaziranga: the Front Line of India’s Rhino Wars

                                 Controversial policy could spur tiger trade in China       

                                 Proposed Trump policy threatens Critically Endangered Grauer’s gorilla              


                                 Exclusive: Tiger Temple Accused of Supplying Black Market

                                 Chaos, Questions Surround Temple as Tigers Seized               

                                 More Controversy for Tiger Temple

                                 Months After Raid Tiger Temple, Plans for Offshoot Zoo Forge Ahead


                                                        China’s Threat to Wild Tigers


                                                        Is India Selling Out Its Tigers?

                                   As Asian Luxury Market Grows, A Surge in Tiger Killings in India


                                  São Paolo Trafficking: Smuggling Brazil’s Wildlife

                                  Saving the Greater Sage Grouse

                                  US a Major Destination for Trafficked Latin American Wildlife

                                  Pangolins in Peril

                                                         Speaking For Tigers: A Call to End Asia’s Illegal Trade   

                                   The City Where Bear Paw Soup is What’s for Dinner


                                   Poaching for Chinese Markets Pushes Tigers to the Brink


                                              A Cautionary Tale: Tar Sands Oil and Health

                                              Congress Stalls as Evidence of Fracking  Harm Mounts

                                                            The Pollinator Predicament

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In my work as a freelance journalist, author, National Geographic Explorer and Global Fellow at the Wilson Center, I research and write on wildlife, ecosystems and the many threats they face, with a focus on wildlife trafficking and conservation initiatives. I also cover environmental topics including pollution, energy, climate change and environmental health issues.

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