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                       Tigers Forever: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Big Cat,

a collaboration with award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, melds spectacular images of tigers and their secret behaviors with insights into why one of the world’s most iconic species is careening towards the edge--and describes extraordinary efforts to save them. Published by National Geographic Books, distributed by Random House. Read more about the book at:

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journalist. author. editor. photographer


Writing and shooting stories on science, the environment, natural history, health, travel and culture has taken Sharon around the globe.

She has written on topics ranging from climate change, fracking, the discovery of the SARS virus in bats, the physics of melting glaciers, mercury’s impact on wildlife and humans, the safety of nanotechnology,  and the state of the oceans, to the genetic sequencing of the TB virus, toxic chemicals in household products, conservation tigers, jaguars, Asian turtles, sharks, pronghorns, and others--and has chronicled eco- and adventure travel.

Here you can find samples of her work as well as information about her books,  upcoming talks, media appearances, and view her photo portfolios and videos.

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