Sharon Guynup’s dynamic lectures have captivated audiences around the globe--on stage and as an expert on 

   international tours.  She’s spoken on wildlife extinction at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars,   

   the fate of the tiger at TEDx, on rainforest ecology on trips for Lindblad/National Geographic ventures, on the

   history of Delhi and Hinduism for National Geographic Expeditions, and has led photo expeditions through Vietnam,

   Cambodia, India, Costa Rica and Panama. She has been interviewed by numerous radio, TV and print media outlets.

   Sharon has taught as an adjunct professor in New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting

   Masters Program and at Stevens Institute of Technology.

                            LECTURES, EVENTS, PRESS

Society for Environmental Journalists Conference

Lunch plenary: The Sixth Extinction

The Wilson International Center for Scholars

Panelist: DC Environmental Film Festival Screening:

The Poachers Pipeline: Dealers, Diplomats & the Illegal Horn Trade

International League of Conservation Photographers

WildSpeak 2016 Panel: Building the story

The Evolving Landscape of Global Oral Health (representing Scientific American)

American Dental Association Conference

The Wilson International Center for Scholars

Panel, “Closing Elephant-sized Loopholes in the

Illegal Wildlife Trade: CITES COP17 and the Path Forward”

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Smithsonian National Zoo

Judge, Zoohackathon: Coding to End Wildlife Trafficking

The Wilson Center Environmental Change and Security Program

Interview, Wildlife Trafficking

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Society for Environmental Journalists Conference

Panel: “Crimes Against Nature”

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The Wilson International Center for Scholars

Panel, “Wild Laws: China and Its Role in Illicit Wildlife Trade”

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BBC Radio 5 - Up All Night

Interview: Thailand’s Tiger Temple


Interview: Thailand’s Tiger Temple

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NPR - Interview, Science Friday with Ira Flatow

Debunking claims that tiger populations are on the rise

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Tigers in Crisis

Sharon Guynup on Saving Endangered Tigers

A Five-Part Interview

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National Tigers for Tigers Coalition

Conference speaker and panelist on the global state of tigers

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Quoted, nationalgeographic.com

“India's Tigers May Be Rebounding, in Rare Success for Endangered Species”

The Bob Edwards Weekend, PRI and National NPR

The Bob Edwards Show,  SiriusXM Radio

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Mid-Manhattan Library

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PRI - The World, Radio Interview

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Words Bookstore, Reading + Book Signing

The Maggie Linton Show, Radio Interview

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The Explorer’s Club, Lecture + Book Signing

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Radio Interview With Pat Thurston

KGO 810 AM San Franscisco

Sanctuary Wildlife Awards - Mumbai, India

Book Launch and Book Signing

Location: Tata Theatre, Mumbai, India.

National Geographic Live! - DC Elementary Student Lecture

National Geographic Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Sharon and Tigers Forever co-author Steve Winter talk about tigers: their behaviors,

why they’ve been feared and revered throughout human history, the threats that

face them--and extraordinary efforts to save them.

National Geographic Live! Lecture

Location: National Geographic Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Sharon Guynup and Steve Winter, coauthors  of the book Tigers Forever, talk about one of the planet’s most iconic felines--the tiger, joined onstage by Alan Rabinowitz, CEO of the big cat conservation group Panthera, to share inspiring stories of committed people on the front lines of tiger conservation.

Tedx Talk “Tigers Forever”

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J.

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